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Harry Stokes is a Founder and Director of Project Gaia, Inc. a nonprofit technical and development organization that facilitates the development of alcohol fuels for household energy. As Director of Project Gaia and Principal of Stokes Consulting Group, he has for over two decades provided support to industry, governments, financial institutions, and development organizations on resource management issues, particularly around biofuels. Project Gaia and an associated organization, the Gaia Association, an Ethiopian NGO, have spearheaded projects funded by the Shell Foundation, the USEPA, the World Bank, UNDP, UNHCR, the Nordic Climate Fund, and African governments, as well as corporate and private funders and donors. For its work in the refugee camps of Ethiopia, the Gaia Association won an Ashden Award in 2008, as well as two Energy Globe Awards for Ethiopia, in 2008 and 2011. In 2010, he was recognized by the World Bioenergy Association as runner-up for the First World Bioenergy Award for his efforts to pioneer alcohol fuels for cooking and other household appliance use. In 2012, he won the World Bioenergy Award. He holds a master’s in forestry from Duke University, 1974, and served for over two decades in county and local government, with representations on state boards and national committees. He was Chair of the National Association of Counties Energy Sub-committee and Vice Chair in the Land Use, Environment, and Energy Committee. He served at state and county levels in the US Conservation District movement (National Association of Conservation Districts) and USDA Cooperative Extension.