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Barry M. Popkin, PhD, is the W. R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Nutrition at UNC-CH. He has a PhD in economics and established the Division of Nutrition Epidemiology at UNC. He has developed the concept of the Nutrition Transition, the study of the dynamic shifts in dietary intake and physical activity patterns and trends in obesity and other nutrition-related non-communicable diseases. His research focuses globally on understanding the shifts in stages of the transition and the programs and policies to improve the population’s health linked with this transition (see www.nutrans.org). He is actively involved at the national and global level in policy formulation for many countries, particularly Mexico and China. He has played a central role in placing the concerns of global obesity, its determinants, and its consequences on the global stage and is now actively involved in work on the program and policy side at the national level. He has been an active consultant to an array of international agencies over his career (including the World Bank, WHO, UNICEF, and USAID). He has received a number of major awards for his global contributions (including India’s Gopalan Award, UK’s Rank Science Prize; US’s Kellogg Prize for Outstanding International Nutrition Research, and The Obesity Society Mickey Stunkard Lifetime Achievement Award). He has published 370 refereed journal articles, is one of the most cited nutrition scholars in the world, and is the author of The World is Fat (Avery-Penguin Publishers, 2009).