The Feeding Cities conference drew hundreds of participants from around the world, and was covered by dozens of journalists and bloggers. This page contains blog posts, press releases and news articles written about the conference. Use #feedingcities to join the ongoing conversation about the conference on Twitter.

How Climate Change Destroys Food

Video: The urban food supply is suffering as a result of climate change, according to Oxfam America’s Marc Cohen who spoke at the recent Feeding Cities conference. Here’s how.

Fighting Food Insecurity in Detroit

Video: Fighting Food Insecurity in Detroit Detroit’s urban communities do not have access to healthy, affordable food, or even grocery stores, says Malik Yakini, Executive Director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network. He spoke with Future Cities at the Feeding … Continue reading

Feeding Cities: Food Innovation in the UK


Much of the discussion at the Feeding Cities conference has centered on the challenges of feeding growing populations in the developing world and the inefficiencies in North America’s food systems. I was therefore pleased to hear Kevin Morgan, a professor … Continue reading